‘Day at the Zawn’: My essay about family, land and belonging, published by The Clearing (Little Toller Books).

I’m really proud to have had a creative piece of writing published in the online literary journal The Clearing. It’s a short essay all about family, land and belonging. For those not familiar with the journal it’s a wonderful platform for new nature writing and is published by Little Toller Books who also publish some beautiful, older classics. Check them out here: https://www.littletoller.co.uk and you can find my piece here: https://www.littletoller.co.uk/the-clearing/day-at-the-zawn-by-tim-martindale/.

My thanks to Dr Kim Crowder for her encouragement and comments on an early draft (check out her own brilliant writing at http://www.allpicture.co.uk/livesinnature/), Jon Woolcott for his editorial insights and help and, most of all my dad, for being my dad and being ok about me writing so honestly about fathers and sons.

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